This App Allows You to Immediately Exchange a Bad Date for a New One

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Tell him that the jeweller down the road has saved a lovely engagement ring for you and you’ve already narrowed the wedding dress down to two choices. Say you’ve already named your future pet dogs Mr Tickles and Mrs Poochie and you’re going to have three children together.

  • Be vigilant and wait for your date’s eyes to drift to another woman in the room, watch him and wait for his eyes to linger for even half a second on the woman and then go ballistic on him.
  • You owe him no explanation on the first date.
  • The app allows users to turn on “Date Mode,” which makes them immediately discoverable to others.
  • That way, if things go wrong and you need someone to pick you up or give you a way out, someone will already have your back.

This is really where you “end the date.” A friend helps, but you don’t need one to make up an excuse. Extract yourself from the situation to think. It doesn’t matter what your excuse is. You don’t feel well; you just got a text and your cat died; you got a work email; you realized you’re allergic to the dinner you just consumed. Use it, thank your date, pay for your drink or dinner and go. You never owe anyone any explanations for exiting a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may be wondering why it would happen to you if you have spent time getting to know someone on an online dating site.

You Really Can’t Get Another Ticket

It’s a sacrifice but you’ve got the weigh how bad the date is and if it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. The first step is to intentionally spill a drink on yourself, preferably water or a drink that wouldn’t stain your dress so badly. Once you’re visibly shaken by the spill, tell your date you have to go home right away to immediately get out of the clothes. If your date tries to say anything, insist, excuse yourself and take your leave.

Call a friend or relative for help.

It’s a natural and nice characteristic which makes him appear caring. If you don’t want this to happen, make a reservation, especially if you are taking your date to a fancy restaurant. Let’s be honest—you don’t want this to happen to you, especially on a first date.

Always say “thank you” when a waiter serves food or beverages. Always say “thank you” when they come to take away the dirty ashtray from your table. Your date will be fascinated at how polite and sweet you are. Probably, you will start coughing and asking your date to pat your back so you can get some air.

The last thing you want are curious people that are trying to overhear your talk. You will probably be anxious because the two of you are about to eat together for the first time and you don’t even know each other’s habits. By doing this, she will see that you care for other people’s opinions and she will feel blessed for having someone like you sitting next to her. She is the one who needs to feel special, so let this night be only hers. I am sure she will find ways to repay you.

Be ready to lay down a $20 for your drink and GTFO if need be. Definitely consider why you’re going on a date with someone who you feel wary about — so much so that you come armed to potentially leave. But this isn’t a post about what dates you should and should not accept, this is about how to end one. But as always, if you’re feeling unsafe, you can leave immediately. If something inside is telling you that someone isn’t safe, you can go. No need to be kind or pay, just go.

Here are 10 tips on how to get out of a bad date without being rude.

Excuse yourself at the movies to go get more popcorn but actually go home. Better yet, have two friends come to the same restaurant and stage a breakup so dramatic you have to leave with her immediately, and also maybe they have to close down the establishment. Bonus points if one of them throws a drink in the other’s face . Not only is this a total mood killer, but if your date honestly asks you to stay after witnessing such a gruesome breakup, they’re definitely a sociopath and you shouldn’t be out with them anyway. This one is for the dramatic at heart and typically works for women. Be vigilant and wait for your date’s eyes to drift to another woman in the room, watch him and wait for his eyes to linger for even half a second on the woman and then go ballistic on him.

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